My 5 Essential Home Studio Recording Websites

The internet is a wonderful place… If you know where to look.

It’s certainly a massive source of valuable information. Aside from a few books I own I’ve gained most of my DIY home-studio recording and mixing knowledge from a number of excellent websites. Here’s a few of my favourites.

Top 5 Home-Studio Websites

Home Studio Corner

This is the ongoing work of Joe Gilder. A man rapidly approaching the accolade of ‘legend’ in the home-studio fanatic world. I found Joe’s material via his connection with The Recording Revolution and quickly became totally hooked on his podcasts (recommended to the hilt, seriously, check them out!). I’ve since bought some of his tutorial products and signed up to be a VIP member of his site which gives access to weekly video guides as well as his ‘mix critique’ audio files where he analyses a different member’s recording every week. There’s also a great forum full of similar minded home-studio types all helping each other out and collaborating together. It’s truly a goldmine.

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The Recording Revolution

I found Graham Cochrane’s website through his Youtube videos. Whilst on the hunt for home-studio knowledge they came up and I found myself watching video after video, soaking in the knowledge, mostly at the gym (I’d recommend the exercise bike, it’s hard to run and watch at the same time!). His tips and techniques are excellent and his style is incredibly encouraging to anyone just starting out, or even those who’ve already got a fair bit of experience. Check out his videos and his blogs for tonnes of great tips and ideas. His recent series about recording an EP using new software and mixing on headphones in a cafe just goes to show what you can achieve with minimal kit.

The Pro Audio Files

Is a huge resource for information about recording and mixing as well as insightful and interesting blog posts. These guys are also one of my favourite Facebook pages to follow as they regularly post great articles and links and the conversations in the comments can be an education in themselves. Another benefit of following the Pro Audio Files is that they regularly share competitions with great audio prizes. I’ve yet to win anything myself but I keep on trying.

KVR Audio

This is the site for all the latest plugins. There is a database which can be searched by type of plugin and cost, among many other filters. Regularly updated with new info and reviews. KVR is the first place I go when I have a need but don’t know what plugs are available to deal with it.

Producer Spot

Another great site packed full of articles and tutorials. This site also has tonnes of presets, sample kits, loops and plugins available.

Look around

Those are just five of my top resources online but there are many more. I’d recommend joining some home-studio groups on Facebook, talking to other home-studio people and searching around on google and youtube for more. Often when you find one article or video and look up the site or person who posted it you’ll find more of the same. Always keep an open mind and never stop learning.

Hopefully you’ll find one or two useful bits of info on my own site as it grows. Please join my mailing list for updates of new blog posts and exclusive content in your inbox. And please do comment with any other resources that you think would be worth checking out.

UPDATE: I have now written a follow up list of five more great websites for DIY Musicians which you should totally check out now.

5 thoughts on “My 5 Essential Home Studio Recording Websites

  1. I’m recording with GarageBand.,it would be wonderful to know if any of these sites you recommend specialize in GarageBand, or what advice do you have for a GarageBand user. By the way I have checked YouTube and, the resources seem to be very limited, I would like to know more then the five options there app seems to offer. It would be extremely helpful if you could guide me in this as I work a lot and do not have a lot of artist I know to help guide me along the home recording path

    1. Hi Ken. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it.

      I don’t think any of these sites specifically specialise in Garageband though you may find some mentions here and there. Graham has a couple of posts about it, such as this one:

      I found a youtube channel here too: Though I don’t know how useful that will be…

      I know it’s a low cost option and may be a bit limited compared to other DAWs although it’s possible to do a lot with it. I don’t really know much more about it I’m afraid! I’m a FL Studio user myself which is an incredibly powerful, low cost DAW you might want to check out as an alternative?

      Let me know how you get on.


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