DIY Music Blog – Overdue Update

Hey you guuuuysssss!!! 

Yes, I’m still here. Still working on the music at home whilst raising the family and working the day job. But yes, I haven’t written anything new for this site for a long time. And I’m sorry about that. Time is precious and I’ve just had so many other things to do that this has slipped. But I have some free time right now so I’m writing this little catch up.  Continue reading

Managing Time for Music in a Busy Life

One of the most common reasons that DIY musos like you and I just fail to get stuff finished, or even started, is an apparent lack of available time. Since the wife and I decided to have a baby this lack of time has become something I’ve needed to really think about. I’ve found a few methods that have really helped ensure I get stuff done. I’ve avoided the classic “five things…” title just to be different, but here is a list of five things…  Continue reading

DIY Muso Spotlight – Jake Duffie

Our next DIY Muso Spotlight is pointed at Jake Duffie from The Underground Alliance. They are a house full of Heavy Metal loving musicians based out of Woodstock, NB, Canada. While the other three members are in a band known as MONTEITH, Jake’s main focus has been on the recording element. Let’s find out more…  Continue reading