5 More Great Websites for DIY Musicians

I previously wrote about my five essential home studio websites which have helped and continue to help me enormously in my journey. If you’ve not read it already I’d recommend checking it out. Since publishing that article I’ve discovered a few more gems on them there internets that I would like to share with you.


Home Studio Center

This is an awesome and (at the time of writing) fairly new site created by Rob Mayzes, a young and talented audio expert. Rob offers some tutorial products, including a free guide to recording vocals like a pro, but also a keeps a blog with a wealth of content for home studio people. His style is fresh and invigorating and his articles often include really helpful infographics and cheat-sheets.

I know he’s adding content regularly so I’d highly recommend signing up to his mailing list to avoid missing anything.

WA Productions

The main purpose of this company is to provide high quality audio samples for EDM producers in all styles. However, they have much more to offer, including DAW templates and MIDI files. I became aware of them via their social media presence. Some of their members are active in the same Facebook groups as me and regularly share some very good, in depth tutorials, which can be found on their YouTube channel.

Their sample packs come highly recommended too.


Another one discovered via their social media posts (social marketing works!) is the MusicTech online magazine. Absolutely packed with great articles, reviews and tutorials. Most recently I’ve been reading through the mastering tutorials and tips which have been very informative.  Definitely worth checking out.


I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to delve into Reddit but, for whatever reason, I just hadn’t. That was until someone posted one of my articles on there and I started seeing traffic coming in from that direction. Having had a look around I’ve so far found two pretty decent subreddits, one for FL Studio users and one called We Are The Music Makers. The first is similar to some of the FL Studio groups on Facebook where people can ask questions and post tutorials, etc… The second is a more general group for hobbyists, professional musicians, and enthusiasts to discuss music-related topics, ask questions and share useful information. So pretty much the same kind of people who might be interested in DIY Music.

You get an interesting mix of people hanging out on Reddit and they’re a bit different to other social media platforms. More discerning, you might say. This means that the stuff that rises to the top tends to be good quality, and the rubbish gets pushed to the bottom. This can only be a good thing. I plan to spend a bit more time hanging around the subreddits and seeing what I can learn, or help with. Feel free to say ‘Hi’ if you see me there!

Cats on Synthesizers in Space

Okay, so it’s not really a resource for information… or anything particularly useful. But there are a lot of amazing photos of cats. On synthesizers. In space… They do also run the occasional competition to win awesome hardware, so worth keeping an eye on their FB page for those.

Any more?

Those are a few of my personal favourite recent discoveries on the internet. Are these any great sites you think I should also check out? Please post any suggestions below.



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