FL Studio – my DAW of Choice

One of the very first decisions you have to make if you want to build any kind of home-recording setup these days is which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you are going to use.

There are a number of well established DAWs available, such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, Reaper and more. Each has it’s own pros and cons, though in essence they should all be able to achieve the same result as they all work with the same digital files and often even use the same external plugins. Still, everyone has their preference and their reasons for choosing the DAWs they do.

FL Studio

My DAW of choice is FL Studio from Image Line. The first reason for this preference is purely down to the fact that it was the earliest DAW I was introduced to that I could get decent results from. I was given a copy to play with when I was in university, around 2000-2001 probably. I can’t even remember which version it was but I quickly learnt my way around it and used it to write little electro loops to go with my digital projects as well as sequencing drums to use in recordings on the Yamaha MD4S I was using at the time.

Over the years I delved deeper into the capabilities of FL Studio and found that you could do just about anything with it. One benefit of FL Studio is that it’s got amazing sequencing capabilities. So not only can you record and mix like any other DAW, you can program drums and synths with absolute control. Which is perfect if, like me, you’re not just producing one kind of music and like to mix things up a bit.

Eventually I upgraded and got up-to-date with the latest version and I’ve never looked back. Another HUGE benefit of buying FL Studio is that you get a lifetime of free upgrades. Just a few days before writing this, FL Studio 12 was released. I’ve already downloaded, installed and started using it, and I’m very impressed by the changes. The core is the mostly same but it’s got a sweet new 100% vectorial interface and they’ve fixed all the things I hoped they would, plus a few things I hadn’t thought of.

So… as myself and many others are now getting to grips with the new version of FL I thought it would be a perfect time to write a few how-to posts as I work things out. So look out for those!

If you’ve not tried FL Studio you can download a demo with some functionality removed (saving projects, I think) but everything else working well enough to see just what you can do. This is actually the full program but requires registration to unlock all functionality.

Download the FL Studio 12 installer here.

If you like it, you can buy it. And I can offer a ten percent discount to first time buyers as part of their affiliate scheme, which is just another bonus of getting it!

After all these years I know my way around FL Studio pretty well, so if you have any questions at all then get in touch and I’ll be glad to help if I can.

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