It’s Way Past DIY Music Blog O’Clock

Indeed… so much for my regular updates! Turns out that having a kid, a day job and a serious home studio and production addiction, among other things, leaves little time for blogging. But there you go… Not really that surprised, are we! Well I’m here now and I’m writing a little catch-up for anyone who’s interested. 

STOP PRESS! It’s Black Friday!

Yes. We interrupt this enthralling blog post to remind you (as if you didn’t know already) that this week is Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday and then Buyers Regret Fortnight!

And you’ve probably seen the deals are already popping up with all the usual audio companies. So many deals it’s hard to work out which ones are worth going for and which ones may still be a waste of money.

Well… one thing that will definitely help you through would be to join the Audio Plugin Demos and Deals group on Facebook. There you will find all the latest deals shared and discussed by people who are in the know. So get on and join us now!

Aaaaand… back to the blog…

Where Does the Time Go?

Honestly… it doesn’t seem that long ago that we were celebrating Christmas with the family, yet suddenly it’s nearly December again! But then, when I think about it, a lot has happened over the last eleven months. One of those strange quirks of perception; the more you do, the faster time flies.

But anyway. Here’s a quick run down of where I’m at with things.

First of All

My little boy is now four months old and growing ridiculously quickly. The wife has been doing an amazing job of looking after him and ensuring he gets everything he needs, so he’s very fit and healthy and… well… just perfect! That’s not particularly relevant to my music, though it does have a bearing on the amount of time I get to spend on stuff. As a result I’ve had to be very tight with my time management and very strict with myself to get things done.

So what have I got done…?

The Humjunkie Album

I have just published the ninth track from the ten track album I’ve been working on for Humjunkie (my electronic music making alter-ego). This has all run a bit behind schedule, but the deadline was deliberately tight to ensure I didn’t waste any time on it. As a result I hope to have the whole thing finished some time in December, ready to promote a bit before getting on with the next one (yes I have plans for that already!).

You can find the album and bookmark it here. When it’s finished it will be made available to buy but you can listen to all the tracks online at any time for free. The latest one, called Abysstrip, it an ambient piece of electronica. Very chilled out, if you like that kind of thing.

The Frank Insomnia Album

I’m still working on the first track for this one. But I’ve made a tonne of progress with it and it’s really beginning to sound like the real deal. The few people I’ve shared it with so far have been very complimentary, which is a good sign. Once this first track is really nailed I should be able to move quicker on the rest of the album as I’ll be using a lot of the same set-up for recording and mixing.

I will be sharing a work-in-progress with the feedback group soon so join up if you’d like to hear it.

The DIY Music Website and Social Media

I’ve still been beavering away behind the scenes when I can to produce content for the website. One new thing that’s starting to take off is the DIY Muso Spotlight section. The second spotlight interview, with Michael O’Mara, was published very recently and can be found here. I have a few more waiting in the wings for me to write up and publish in good time. If you’d like to to be put under the DIY Muso spotlight yourself then just ask me via one of the many contact points I have online.

Away from the website I have also been carrying on my community work on social media, managing various groups and sharing interesting things I find, whilst learning tonnes from all the other great DIY musos out there. If you interested in finding and joining the groups I manage as well as a bunch of other great communities then check out this new article all about DIY Muso Facebook Groups.

Thanks for Reading

I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks, as always, for reading my blog post. I truly appreciate your interest. If you’d like to get in touch you can find me in various groups on Facebook, as per the link above, comment on this post below, or use the contact form.

Catch you later!

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