Facebook Groups for DIY Musos

Let’s face it, everyone’s on Facebook these days, even my mum. I have to admit I’m a regular user myself. One of my favourite things about Facebook is the variety of  communities you can find in the form of Facebook groups. In some cases I’ve created my own which have grown into great places to hang out, share stuff and discuss DIY Music related things. You may even have found my site via one of these groups.

For this article I’ve decided to share with you the main DIY Music groups as well as some of my favourites on Facebook for DIY musos like us.


The Official DIY Music Group

I’ll start with the official group linked to this website. The DIY Music Group is a bit of a free-for-all where you can share links to your music, interesting articles and amusing memes, ask questions or just tell us what you are up to. The rules are simple, just keep it relevant. Otherwise, anything goes.

This is also where I share any new blog posts or articles I write so it’s the place to be if you don’t want to miss any of those.

Join the DIY Music Group now to be part of our creative community.

The Feedback for Musicians and Producers Group

This one is a group set up purely for the purposes of posting your music and getting constructive feedback from other members. The opinions of others can be incredibly valuable when you’re learning how to produce or mix music and there are plenty of experienced members in the feedback group who are willing to listen to your work and give advice. There are rules to avoid the group getting spammed and to ensure everyone gets some value from being a member.

We also have the occasional Feedback Frenzy when members are encouraged to make an extra effort over a specific weekend to listen and comment on other members’ posts. I’ve personally found this group incredibly useful for getting subjective advice on my music and hone my ears.

Join the Feedback for Musicians and Producers group now if you would value constructive advice on your music.

The Audio Plugins Deals and Freebies Group

I’m a sucker for freebies and special offers, especially when it comes to plugins for my home studio. The great thing is that there’s always something currently on sale. The not so great thing for our wallets is that there’s always something currently on sale…! 😀

In order to share new deals but also discuss what’s good and what’s rubbish, we have an audio plugin deals and freebies group set up. So far this group has been a great place to find out about new deals, watch demos and make informed decisions on where to put your money after chatting with the other members.

Join the Audio Plugins Deals and Freebies group now if you want to save money on your plugins.

The Weapons of Music Production Group

This used to be an FL Studio group but has been upgraded to cover all DAWs and be a playground for producers to chat and share ideas.

Join the Weapons of Music Production group now if you use are a music producer! 🙂

Even More Great Facebook Groups

Those were all groups associated with the DIY Music website. There are of course plenty of other groups and a few which are really awesome to be a part of. Here’s my top five other Facebook groups.

  1. Metal Audio Engineers – A great place to share and learn all about working with heavy metal music.
  2. Home Recording Studio Folks – This is Micheal’s homely community of home studio enthusiasts. Check out his weekly podcast of members’ work.
  3. Heavyweight Bass Producer Forum – This is where a lot of the bass music pros hang out and the perfect place to pick the brains of those in the know when it comes to hard hitting electronic music.
  4. Computer Based Mixing & Music Production – The group name pretty much sums it up. Lot’s of great posts in here and insightful discussions.
  5. Slate Audiophiles – This group is primarily a place for Slate Digital customers to discuss their products but its also a great place for learning and discussing recording and mixing stuff with people at all levels. What is very cool is that Steven Slate himself hangs out here and regularly joins in the conversations.  

There are many more, but those mentioned on this page are certainly my favourites. Check them out and join up if they suit you. And please do let me know in the comments below if there’s any other groups you think I should be looking at. If I’ve missed any other obvious ones, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

What do you think...?