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As promised (did I promise? I can’t remember… anyway…) I’ve not taken quite so long to write a new blog post. I’ve got a hell of a lot going on these days so time is tight, as you will know if you read my last post. But I’m doing my best to get as much done as possible. So let’s see how that’s going!

I’ll Keep it Brief…

There are four main music related things I’m trying to keep momentum with at the moment. Here’s the skinny on them.

1. Release a ten track Humjunkie EP by October

Five down, five to go… Number six is brief and very experimental but very nearly finished, which leaves me about three weeks to complete another four tracks. We’ll see how it goes but that’s very tight… Rather than compromise on quality I may extend the deadline but not by any significant amount (ie. less than a month). But I will try, damn it!

You can hear what I’ve done as I’m doing it here.

2. Write songs for a Frank Insomnia album

I’m pleased to say I’m making good progress on the first new song for this album. I’ve been listening to some of my favourite music in the genre I’d like to approach with it and inspiration has been flowing forth. This one started with a piano part and I’ve been able to add drums, synth and guitar whilst developing the structure and writing lyrics.

I have to say that the software and equipment at my disposal really helps this creative process. I’m using EZ Keys and EZ Drummer to quickly capture ideas, and can plug in my guitar and record directly through the great sounding S-Gear amps for an instant heavy electric guitar sound. I’ve also put together a keyboard/synth/pad type thing using Air Music’s Xpand2 VSTi to combine a nice sounding string synth with some choir sounds…

The process I’m developing for songwriting and producing involves spending time in the studio jamming, recording and arranging, at the end of which I export an MP3 and send it to myself via email. Then I spend a lot of time listening to that and deciding what works, what doesn’t and what to do next time I’m in the studio. I’ll be recording some temporary vocals and harmonies next to see how it all comes together.

When it’s sounding a bit more complete I’ll share a little taster to see what you all think. I’m quite happy and excited with where it’s going. I’ve only been working on the concept of Frank Insomnia for about five years so it’s about time I got something out there!

3. Write home studio gear articles

Well… as always it’s the ‘boring’ jobs that tend to suffer. I have been doing a bunch of research and I do have a plan but I’ve yet to start actually writing any of the articles. I’m going to have to schedule in some hours over the next few weeks and try to avoid switching on the music software to allow myself to get some work done. So, yeah… watch this space on that one.

4. Record plugin demos for the YouTube channel

As with number three, this has fallen between the cracks a bit. Again, I do have a plan and a list of plugins to demo. The thing with video demos is that they require a solid block of time to sit down and and record. Between work, the baby boy and the other things I’m trying to get done I’ve literally not have those 10-20 minutes in a row to do this. But, again, I need to make time for it if it’s going to get done. Hopefully, avoiding the shame of having to write in my next blog that I’ve not made any progress on this will be a spur!

There You Go

Yup, there you go. That’s the latest update on my DIY Music shenanigans. I really do hope you find this kind of thing interesting… if you came here for the tutorials and reviews, there will be more I promise! But it’s also a blog so you have to put up with that too. 😉

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can use the contact form on this site or, even better, join the DIY Music Group on Facebook and be part of the awesome community there.

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