Hello fellow DIY Musos and thanks for checking out this new blog post. It’s been a while, I know… terribly sorry and all that but I do have some excuses…

A Tiny Diversion in my DIY Music Journey

So… I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still here working on the music as well as prepping and writing for the site and YouTube channel. But I have been ever so slightly distracted by the arrival of a new member of our family. Baby Vincent Smith was born on the 21st of July and is a happy, healthy and ridiculously cute little guy. Myself, the wife and all our family are very happy and totally besotted with him.

Of course, he’s totally useless at feeding himself, changing his own nappies and getting dressed by himself. So I have to admit I’ve dedicated a large part of my schedule to looking after these things for him, along with my incredible wife, Patti. I also spend quite a bit of time playing with him or just watching him sleep.



Yeah, I know. This isn’t really the place for sweet sentimentality and personal stuff, however…  I just wanted to let you all know why things have been a bit quiet. And there is some relevance here as I’m sure many of you are also mothers and fathers whilst trying to make time for and fund your musical hobbies. I’m just about to find out just how this will affect my life and how I will adapt to fatherhood whilst still being productive and developing my skills.

Maybe you can give me some tips? Please do comment below if this is something you have any experience with.

Time and Money

I already know the two factors that will be most affected by this life changing event are going to be time and money. So I’ll be thinking hard about how to manage this in terms of keeping the music and this website going.

In terms of time, I am already a very good time-manager and hopefully this skill will come into play even more outside of work now and I’ll be able to effectively set aside time for babystuff, music stuff and all the other stuff. This may take a bit of practice and refinement to get right, so we shall see.

In terms of money, I’m fortunate to be in a place where I don’t really need to invest any more in my set-up. I have everything I need to make good quality audio so this is actually another good reason to focus on getting better at using what I have than looking for the next bit of gear to expand my home studio.

I’m confident I can make this work and be a good father whilst still managing to be productive musically.

Watch this space to see if I’m right!

– Stu


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