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DIY Music Blog #12 – Boosting Your Mixing Skills

Hey there guys and gals, thanks for clicking through to the latest DIY Music blog. It’s been way over a month since the last one, in which I wrote about some of my plans for 2016. One reason for the long gap is because I’ve been getting on with working on those targets, among other things… But anyway, here’s an overdue blog post! I’m gonna talk about how I’m hoping to boost my mixing skills and how you can boost yours. 
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DIY Music Blog #9 – All DIY *All* the Time?

Hey there guys and gals! Here’s the ninth (not tenth as originally thought!) DIY Music Blog. I’m sticking with the new format of thought of the day / my news / other news again as I think I can fine tune that into a decent blog style. Let me know if you agree or not.

Once again, there’s been plenty going on since I last wrote, including new (old) projects and interesting turns of events. And something I’ve been thinking about a lot… Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #3 – Slate Digital, Mixing and Hip-Hop

Hello there DIY music people. How are you all? All well, I hope… Been busy?

I have.

Here’s a little catch up with what I’ve been doing DIY musically since the last post, including testing out the Slate Digital plug-ins, working on new mixing projects and guides as well as finding myself writing a new hip-hop style track. Let me tell you all about it… Continue reading