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Xmas Gifts for Home Studio Fanatics

Yes. It is nearly that time of year. CHRISTMAS PRESENT TIME!

If you’re anything like me, you may be quite specific about the things you would like. My wife appreciates this as it makes her Christmas shopping that much easier. This year I figured I’d share my list of things I’d quite like and maybe you or someone you know might like them too. Continue reading

My 5 Essential Home Studio Books

Although there is a tonne of information for DIY home studio type people like you and me all over the internet; websites, podcasts and Facebook groups for example, and as useful as these have been to me, I am still a huge fan of the good old fashioned printed word. I’ve read a number of books about music, home recording, song-writing and more. Here’s a breakdown of the five home studio books which I consider to be the most valuable home-studio related books I own.

UPDATE: You can now find a growing list of recommended DIY Music books about all kinds of things in the DIY Music Bookshop. (This article still covers my top five though so please read on). 
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