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Talking Acoustic Treatment – Interview with Ethan Winer

From running a professional acoustics business to playing Tchaikovsky on the electric guitar with a full orchestra, whilst writing numerous valuable articles and a book in between, Ethan Winer has a wealth of experience and insight into music and the science of audio acoustics.

I had the great privilege of being able to ask Ethan a few questions via email for the DIY Music site. If you’re interested in acoustic treatment for your home studio (or spare room!) then you may well find this very useful.  Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #6 – Home Studio Gear on a Budget and More

Hello to you, DIY Musos!

How are you? Good?


Well here’s a new blog post from me where I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve been up to recently, including writing new articles about building up a decent home studio on a budget, more on my adventures in acoustic treatment, a new track released and some other bits and bobs. Read on, if you care to. 🙂 Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #5 – Acoustic Treatment in a Small Room

Hello DIY Musos and thanks for checking out the latest DIY Music blog. Today I’m writing about something I’m finally getting around to looking at properly; acoustic treatment.

EDIT: Since writing this I was lucky enough to get to talk to Ethan Winer of RealTraps and get some really vauable info on acoustic treatment, as well as a few great links. Check out the full interview here.
Continue reading