My Top Facebook Home Studio Groups

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to ignore it, being the second most popular website in the world after Google. Apart from all the baby photos, humblebrags, funny cat videos and general attention seeking you can also find some genuinely valuable communities. Here are the Facebook groups I’ve found most useful as sources of information and advice for my DIY home studio.

UPDATE: There is now a DIY Music group which I’ve set up myself for people to share and discuss whatever music related stuff they like! And there is also a Feedback for Musicians and Producers group specifically for people to share the music they are working on and get feedback from other musicians.


Home Recording 101

With over 2000 members you’ll find your questions quickly answered in this group. The single admin is a great guy who keeps the group tidy or spam and aggression, but has a good sense of humour and knows his stuff. People often post links to useful articles and news. It’s just generally a great group to be a part of and I check every post. It’s also one where you can post your own music and get feedback. But don’t spam! It’s for critical analysis, not self-promotion.

UPDATE: This group disappeared and no longer appears to be available to the public. However, some members immediately created a new group called Home Recording 101.2 so check that out instead!

Home Recording Studio Folks

This is a smaller but growing community similar to the first one. I find this group has a bit more sharing of each others music, which is great for hearing what people are doing in their studios and also good for networking. I expect this group to become more valuable as it grows.

UK Guitar / Amp / Gear Exchange

Okay… Now this one’s a little bit dangerous. If you have difficulties not being lured in by great deals on beautiful guitars then you should probably stay away from this group. With almost 22 thousand members at this point posting guitars and equipment for sale daily you’re very likely to see something  you don’t really need, but suddenly really want. If you have a reasonable amount of self control it’s really worth keeping an eye on this group for anything you actually do need. I’ve personally added a few guitar pedals to my collection via this group, and also sold a number of old guitar tutorial DVDs that were just taking up shelf space.

Local Musician Groups

I’m also in a number of groups for local musicians and bands. Obviously you need to find one’s relevant to you but I’m sure they exist, just search in Facebook for your town’s name, plus ‘musicians’. These can be great for meeting other musicians, finding out about local gigs and events as well as letting everyone know about your own performances, if you play live, and even offering your services as a home-studio person to local artists.

I hope this info helps you find some helpful communities to join on Facebook. If you know of any others please do let me know in the comments.

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