My Top Facebook FL Studio Groups

Let’s face it. Pretty much everyone’s on Facebook these days. Even my mum (though not my Dad, admittedly, luddite that he is!). This unfortunately means there’s also a tonne of rubbish on there; people arguing about the new Batman movie, people arguing about politics, cats, baby photos, more cats, photos of your lunch, people arguing about cats etc… But there’s also some great communities of people who have vast knowledge about things you might need help with, such as your DAW. Here’s a breakdown of my favourite FL Studio groups.


We Make Music in FL Studio

This group is loads of fun though admittedly full of quite a lot of rubbish. But there are some diamonds in there and, ultimately, it’s a huge community of FL Studio users (over 52k members at the time of writing) sharing their works and ideas. You’ll find everything in here from newbies posting their first drum patterns to pros offering genuinely valuable advice. You’ll also find the odd bit of spam, really dumb questions and people looking for dodgy cracked software. But with that many members you’re going to get some junk and the admins work their backsides off to try and keep it clean. I’ve been a member for a long time and have no intention of leaving. I also love to be able to help people so I often skim through and answer questions where I can.

FL Studio Tutorials

The idea of this group is that it’s more focused on sharing tutorials and finding answers technical questions than it is about sharing your own music. There’s some really knowledgable people in this group so most problems are solved pretty quickly. I’m one of the admins on this group and really enjoy the opportunity to help people whilst also learning from the other conversations that go on and finding out out new tutorials as they’re posted.

FL Studio Questions and Answers

This is a very new group at the time of writing and is for exactly what the name suggests. It’s really a tightened up version of the first two groups and is purely for questions and answers about FL Studio. That means no self promotion, no talk of pirated software and no spam. It’s very young at the moment but I’m hoping it will grow into one of the most useful groups for FL Studio users on Facebook.

*Secret Group*

Finally, there’s one more group that I’m a proud member of. But, a little like Fight Club, I can’t really talk about it… It’s not really all that secret, and not at all as serious. But it is an FL Studio related group that consists of members reposting some of the most amusing posts and questions that come up in the above groups and a few others. It’s a little bit cheeky, but very light-hearted, and I’m quite pleased to be a secret member. If you know it, you know it… there’s even a secret handshake.*


Whatever you’re into, chances are you’ll find a group on Facebook for it. Whilst not all of them are that great, some really do represent valuable communities of people with shared interests so I’d recommend looking around and finding those that work for you. If you have any FL Studio related groups that you find really useful please do share in the comments so myself and other readers can check them out.




*There is no secret handshake


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