My Home Studio Journey – Part 4

Here we are at the fourth part of my Home Studio Journey blog type thing. Thanks for checking it out. If you’ve not read the first three parts, you can find them here.

Okay so I have to admit that this series of blog posts has dragged on a bit more than I’d expected. The idea was to give some idea of my background which would put my articles and posts on this website into some kind of context… However, being a thirty-something year old, I have quite a bit of history to get through, and I think it’s got a bit boring. Sorry about that. 🙂

So, I’ll try to wrap it up with this fourth part. And keep it brief(-ish).

In my last Home Studio Journey post, I explained that I went through a fairly long musical drought. Mainly due to my focus being on work related stuff. It was, however, through work that I was to get back on the musical track again, when I was able to take home a PC that was not playing nicely with our network. There wasn’t actually anything wrong with it so I cleaned it up, added some RAM and a sound-card and installed an old, buggy copy of FL Studio.

Very quickly I found I was engrossed in creating music again. I discovered that FL Studio was capable of much more than I’d previously realised but that if I was going to start using it properly I was going to have to invest and buy it, rather than mess around with what was possibly a cracked version and definitely pretty unstable. So I did that (unfortunately missing out on the 20% discount I can now offer you) and I also bought a cheap audio interface and microphone to get started recording. This is where I began riding that learning curve of home recording and mixing.

So I now had the basic tools but I was still learning the craft. I’m not sure how I got the idea but I decided to put myself under some pressure and embark on what I called my Adjective Animal Project. The idea being to create an entire song from scratch every week for as long as I could. Describing how that went will be a whole article to itself but, basically, it was an incredibly useful experience and I ended up with two almost listenable 12-track EPs and a whole lot more skills and experience.

I still had some major gaps in my knowledge, though, and so I proceeded to devour home studio books, websites and YouTube videos, learning as much as I could about the science of audio and the capabilities of technology. As I was ramping up this learning curve I decided that I would like to document my journey, as well as share what I was learning and creating with others, which eventually led to the conception of this website

Which is where you and I are now.

So… hello!

And welcome to DIY Music.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to poke around, comment, share and do all that kind of stuff. All input is greatly appreciated.


– Stu

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