Interview with Grimbit

This is the first DIY Music interview, in which I speak to an odd little creature called Grimbit. If you’ve not heard the Grimbit sound then check it out via the links near the end of the interview. Let’s see what it’s all about…

Grimbit 01Hi there little fella! So… What exactly is Grimbit?

-øƒ=#*ƒ*§^ #ƒ<~~∞¢†•§ €-¢=†§€=†# ¡*^^§√†§\† <§¡¥€+¢#¶\ †¶¡¶¥∞/#=€ >π††ƒ¶€€¡- #^¡##π√§€π ¢#∞•*•ø¡=/ <√*<~∞€§-€.

Oh… Hang on… Let me just stick this Babel fish in my ear… *squelch* Right… Say again?

Grimbit is an alien from Outer Space who crash landed on earth and, unable to speak, has used music as a way of communicating his emotions. And that’s the honest story.

Seems legit… so what does that sound like?

It comes out sounding like Ambient and IDM. It started off as complex electro and it just got more and more complex, and that’s that really.

What were you doing musically before the crash?

I dabbled with bands and projects on and off about four years, but I never took them seriously. I started with drum and bass, moving on towards more dubstep influenced stuff, then electro and finally found myself with the ambient and IDM scene, which I have been a fan of for as long as i can remember.

Who would you say are your biggest influences on our planet?

Mr Bill, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Boom Bip, Doseone, Rustie, Bovaflux, Deadmau5, Venetian Snares, Royksopp, Joy Division, Radiohead, Muse, Igorrr…

Some great artists there, and some I’ll have to check out. So where do you create your music?

In my bedroom, which is designed more like a studio with a bed in it. Sometimes on Android apps like Caustic. In the bath or on the loo, because I’m that rock n roll.

Which DAW do you use?

I have dabbled with many, but Mixcraft makes the production side of things less tedious, which makes my workflow pretty decent. I like simplicity in an interface, complexity in music, so Mixcraft is ideal. Also Reaper is good and as mentioned before I use Caustic on Android.

Do you have any favourite plugins to recommend?

I use softsynths a lot, Ana is a favourite, as is Massive but I started using Absynth a lot recently, as for FX, lots of reverb, Classic Reverb is a good plugin and I think it’s free now, Looperator is a decent glitch plugin, gets some interesting sounds you can’t get from manually chopping, Scrubby is another good one in small doses, but I’m not using that as much these days it’s just a lot of EQ, I use a variety of equalisers I can’t remember all the names, they are all set up in my top secret FX chains, I use Kick for my kicks, that synth packs a punch.

Which hardware do you use?

A Lexicon Alpha interface, KRK Rokit 5’s, a Keystation Mini 32, Arturia Beatstep and a Electribe Em1. I also have a little Samson USB mic for recording sounds.

What’s your favourite or most useful bit of hardware?

The Arturia Beatstep gets used a fair bit as does the Electribe Em1. The Em1 is probably my favourite, because it’s standalone.

What advice would you give to others looking to produce music (like yours)?

Be creative, use lots of FX and plugins, and chop and slice like there is no tomorrow.

Finally, where can we find you on the internet and listen to your music?

All these places…

Thanks, Grimbit, I hope you continue to be successful here on Earth!

If you’re a fan of IDM, Ambient, or just enjoy listening to very well-made music I’d strongly suggest you check out Grimbit’s sounds on the links above. Keep an eye out for the new Grimbit EP, ‘Noise Therapy’ which will be out soon. Grimbit EP - Noise Therapy

I hope you’ve enjoyed this interview. There may be more to come. Please do feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments or via the contact form or in the comments section below. Please also give the DIY Music Facebook page a ‘like’ and follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with my latest articles and tutorials.