…to DIY Music.


I am Stu Smith and I have a passion for making music. Having pursued a non-musical career (I work in design), this has so far only been a hobby that I’ve explored in my own free time. However, over the years I have managed to build up a reasonable amount of knowledge, software, equipment and experience which has got me to a point where I can produce decent quality music in my own DIY home studio. I’ve started this blog to document my home studio journey as well as write articles, reviews and tutorials to help other people along their theirs.

So, what’s on the site?

I am writing semi-regular DIY Music blog posts, documenting my home studio journey, as well as more general articles about home studio and DIY music stuff, including lists and reviews. I’ll also be writing guides and tutorials for various things including studio gear and software, mainly using FL Studio. Some of these will include video. Check the articles page for the latest posts.

Use the menus and links on the page to find your way around and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or issues with the site.

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Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy DIY Music.