Five Great Dynamic Compression Tutorials

Dynamic compression is one of those concepts in audio that can be difficult to get your head around. I know it took me a long time to fully understand it. This is partially because of the many different types of compressors available, partially because of the terms used like ratio, threshold and make-up gain, and partially because it’s just a bit of a weird idea… making stuff quieter, to make it louder…? How does that work?

Well. Hopefully after watching these five informative videos on compression you’ll know exactly how compression works.

DIY Music: FL Studio Tutorial – Compression Tutorial (Using the Fruity Limiter)

Okay so I’ll start with my own. I tried to explain compression in the simplest terms that I could. Whilst borrowing a couple of graphics from Rob Mayzes at Home Studio Center who made the video linked at the end of this list.

Wikimedia: Audio Compressors explained #1 – functions

This tutorial includes some really neat examples with diagrams to be really super extra clear on how compression works.

Home Studio Corner: Intro to Compression

Joe Gilder talks you through compression with that ever-so relaxing voice of his.

Recording Revolution: Compression Basics (Part 1 of 2)

Graham Cochrane, voice not so great on this occasion, covers the basics.

Home Studio Center: How To Use a Compressor – The 5 Key Elements of Compression (Plus 10 Top Tips)

Finally, Rob Mayzes from Home Studio Center explains compression and includes some valuable tips.

I can’t embed this video so you will have to watch it on YouTube here.

Well there you go. Five pretty comprehensive videos explaining compression. If you don’t understand compression by now… well, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can help make it any clearer!

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