The First DIY Music Blog of 2017

I left it to late to do an end-of-year blog in 2016. So here’s a start-of-year blog in 2017…

Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s 2017 now. Happy New Year! Another under the belt (though not a whole one for my little boy, who’s just over six months old now!). And what a year it’s been. I know it’s nearly February already. Bear with me.

If you’ve been keeping up with my sporadic blog posts then you’ll already know about the boy, who was born in July. Subsequently I’ve been managing my time as carefully as I can to ensure I’m still getting things done. And I’m pleased to say that I have got things done.

The First Full Humjunkie Album Release

I decided in June that I would challenge myself to produce a ten track album for Humjunkie (my electronic alter-ego) within a three month time limit. That was indeed a challenge and I didn’t get them all done in time, but I decided to forge on and finish the album anyway. Well I did finish it and self-released it on New Year’s Eve, with no fanfare.

To add extra appeal I included four ‘bonus’ tracks from my Soundcloud and a music video for anyone who buys it. You can listen and grab a copy here. But I’ll let you in on a secret… If you go to the Humjunkie Facebook page and comment on this post, I’ll send you a download code to get it all for FREE. I would love to hear any feedback you have on the album.

I’m already planning two new Humjunkie albums/EPs for 2017. One will be a hard-hitting and energetic breakbeat heavy affair, whilst the other will be a laid back ambient trip, so watch out for those.

Since starting to write this blog post I’ve also produced a track for Collectible Humans, which I’m very proud of and you can listen to here.

The DIY Muso Spotlight Interviews

The Spotlight Interviews have been great fun and I have more to come. So far I’ve had a look into the DIY worlds and minds of musos from Australia, America, Canada and the Netherlands. Which I think is pretty cool! It’s really interesting for me to see just how differently people approach their music.

If you would like to be interviewed for one of these articles, just get in touch. Not only is it interesting for me and my readers but it’s also a chance to promote your stuff a little bit. 😉

It’s a New DAW, it’s a New Day

I’ve been thinking of trying another DAW for a while now. Whilst FL Studio is still my DAW of choice it has a very different workflow to most standard recording/mixing DAWs and I really wanted to get back into that more standard workflow. I used to use Logic Pro a lot but now I’m more PC based for my music I was thinking of going for Reaper… but then along came a great deal on Sonar. So I grabbed it, installed it… and have no idea how to use it!

But I love learning so will be getting to grips with it over the course of the year and no doubt blogging about it as I go. I did actually use it to master the Humjunkie album mentioned above, as that seemed like a simple enough setup to start with. Next will be some recording. Watch this space.

Plans, Plans and More Plans

Yes. Plans. I do love making plans. Sometimes they’re hard to stick to but if you don’t make ’em you’ll never get things done. We’ll I won’t anyway.

So what’s next in 2017…? Well. Lot’s more Humjunkie. At least one single release for Frank Insomnia. On top of this I’m developing two new websites. These are to serve purposes that I think are beyond the remit of this DIY Music website. This site is a blog with articles and guides for home studio types and bedroom producers. One of the new sites is going to be a webzine for pure audio plugin worship (well, reviews, tutorials, deals and so on), and the other is going to be for me to develop a bit of a personal brand and finally start offering my professional audio services.

These are both going to take time to develop and require regular work to keep updated but I’ll still be keeping up with this site, so don’t worry! In fact, planning these new sites has led me to the conclusion that DIY music needs more regular blog style posts about what I’m doing week to week with my own music. It feels a bit egotistical to write about my own stuff all the time but then I will be sharing my experiences and lessons I’m learning. And that’s what this site was supposed to be all about.

So prepare for more, shorter updates on my stuff as well as the ongoing interviews, articles, guides and gear reviews.

One Last Thing

All of this gear, plugins, web hosting, etc, takes a fair bit of time and money. So I do have some adverts and referral stuff going on throughout the site to try and scrape a little back in to pay for it all. We’re literally talking pennies, but every little helps! So if you want to help me out a bit please feel free to click on any of the adverts you see on these pages, especially if you go on to buy from them as they like it when you do that.

Much appreciated.

Until next time… Laters! 😀


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