DIY Music Blog #7 – Six Month Anniversary

Hello to you out there! Welcome to my seventh DIY Music Blog which happens to mark my first half-a-year of writing, blogging, making videos and basically putting myself about on the internet via this website. If you’ve just joined me, welcome… if you’ve been keeping up with my output for any amount of time, thank you!

As it’s a special occasion, in this instalment of my semi-regular blog I’ll have a bit of a recap of the DIY Music story so far.


The First Six Months

So… It began with an idea, as all things do. I wanted to keep a record of my own personal home studio journey whilst at the same time sharing the knowledge I gather along the way. I had been intending to set up some kind of website for a long time, I just didn’t have any solid idea of what it might contain. The moment things began to crystallise was when I found the URL ‘‘ to be available.

I knew such a perfect name was too good to pass up, so I bought it right away and set about building and planning a site. My very first post was about finding inspiration. I shared it around a bit on Facebook and it received enough of a good response to encourage me to carry on. Since then I’ve published thirty-seven posts covering a variety of DIY Music related subjects such as mixing tips, software guides, gear reviews and more… I’ve also set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a Facebook group and a YouTube page.

Numbers of ‘likes’, ‘members’, ‘followers’, ‘subscribers’ and such have grown at a very encouraging rate and as such I fully intend to carry on creating, sharing and growing the site.

My most recent articles include a guide to compression, ideas to help grow your home studio on a budget and my most significant mixing lessons.

What’s To Come?

Well… I shall be continuing with the FL Studio stuff that seems to be very popular, especially the video tutorials. In addition to those I intend to start making video reviews and guides for plugins. These will be relevant to a wider audience as not everyone uses FL Studio but most plugins work across DAWs.

I have plans for a number of interviews with people involved in different areas of music, including experts in various relevant fields and other artists making their way through the world of DIY music. The first of these is coming very soon.

There will be some more specific gear review and comparison articles to really help you decide what to buy and what to leave on the shelf. In order to keep this up I’ll need to somehow get hold of more gear to play with… hmmm… gear…

I also intend to begin a home studio spotlight section in which I’ll have a look at the kind of set-up that you have going on and talk about your favourite bits of kit, your processes and your music.

I also need to add more value for my subscribers, who currently get a copy of my blog in their email and not much more. I will be changing that by adding some extra content just for them (or you if you’re subscribed) such as competitions, freebies, audio news and so on. So be sure not to miss out on any of that by SUBSCRIBING NOW if you haven’t already.

That’s probably not everything, but already plenty enough to keep me busy.

One last thing I’ll mention briefly here is that I do intend to set up a Patreon Artist Account so that, if anyone chooses to support me, I can start recovering some of the costs of maintaining DIY Music and maybe even raise enough to invest in better equipment and software to improve the content I’m providing. More on that when it’s ready. 🙂

What do You Think?

Of course, none of this is worth anything without you, the reader, the learner, the DIY Muso who’s going through a similar journey to myself… The whole point of DIY Music is to provide content which supports and helps you. So it’s important to me to get as much feedback as possible from you in order to provide the best possible content.

So with that in mind I’d like to ask you to let me know your thoughts. Which content I’ve produced have you found most helpful? Which content has not been so great? Most importantly:

What problems do you face that I might be able to help you solve?

Please, please, please do have a think and let me know your answers to the above, either in the comments below this article or via any of the other ways you can get in touch with me. All feedback is incredibly valuable to me and will help me develop this site and my other content to be as valuable as possible for you.

Thanks in advance!