DIY Music Blog #6 – Home Studio Gear on a Budget and More

Hello to you, DIY Musos!

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Well here’s a new blog post from me where I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve been up to recently, including writing new articles about building up a decent home studio on a budget, more on my adventures in acoustic treatment, a new track released and some other bits and bobs. Read on, if you care to. 🙂

Home Studio Gear on a Budget

So, the first things to tell you about is a new article on the website about how you can keep you costs down when building up a modest home studio or bedroom producer set-up. I figured this might be something my readers might be interested in as I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as me when it comes to having money to spend on your hobbies (as in, there’s not that much of it to spare). The approach I’ve developed to acquiring gear has been refined over the years to get the best value for money possible I’ve written out the main elements of that approach in the new article.

Acoustic Treatment Update

In the last blog I mentioned that I’d started putting up some acoustic panels in my room. Well I did start, and I now have two panels at reflection points either side of my listening position and four on the ceiling. However, I’m not entirely happy with the results. Firstly, I didn’t really think about how I was going to attach them properly and the ceiling panels are not flat against the ceiling. I used removable fastening things and, stupidly, put them in the very center of each panel. As a result they sort of droop at the sides and don’t look very nice. The ones on the walls look absolutely fine though.

The other reason I’m not totally happy is because, as a result of sharing my last blog post, I found out that these particular panels aren’t even very effective. They will absorb some of the very high frequencies, but won’t make that much of a difference to the mids and upper mids. There is a silver lining though… The conversation started by sharing the last post involved an actual expert in acoustic treatment. After having a little chat with this chap he’s agreed to let me interview him for this website. So hopefully I should soon be able to share with you some professional home studio acoustic treatment tips.

Naturally I’ll be taking advantage of this info myself to get my room sounding as good as I possibly can without having to part with too much money!


In case you didn’t already know, I produce electronic music under the pseudonym HUMJUNKIE. I don’t really stick to any one genre and only describe the style as misanthropic electro pseudo-pop, which doesn’t really mean anything but allows me to mix things up with every new track. Last week I released my latest to the world on Soundcloud. It’s called Broken Mirrors and is sort of a house track, but with twists, as you’ll hear if you check it out below.

This one began with me messing about with making a supersaw, which became the chords. As I developed the track I discovered a free plug-in called Alter/Ego, which is a fun voice synthesis tool which can actually ‘sing’. Playing with this inspired the vocal part, though eventually I actually recreated it using Vocodex and my own voice as this gave me more control over the sound.

I also used Sytrus for the bass and synths and the Slate Digital mixer plug-ins throughout. I did have a bit of trouble with the low end when mastering but it turned out I hadn’t used all of my mixing lessons and needed to go back and high-pass the kick to clear up the mudiness. Do have a listen and let me know your thoughts. 🙂

In other news…

Hmmm… What else have I been up to since I last wrote? Well there’s been lots of non-music related stuff, so I won’t go into that here. Apart from that I’ve recorded a couple of new FL Studio Quick Tips on my YouTube channel for those of you using that particular DAW. I’ve also been chatting with various people about possible projects to work on over the next few months. More on those as they transpire.  I think that’s it for now. Thanks, as ever, for reading. I hope you find something interesting here on the site!

Huge thanks for reading my latest blog post. Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below, the DIY Music Facebook page or the DIY Music group. Or feel free to get in touch privately if you want to chat about anything at all. You can also subscribe to get the latest posts in your inbox as well as other exclusive content.

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