DIY Music Blog #4 – My YouTube Milestone

Time for a new blog. This time I’ve decided not to try and cram three different topics into one post and will keep it short and sweet instead. In this one I’ll be talking primarily about what’s going on with my YouTube channel among other things.

Way Better than Expected

So… just a couple of days ago I hit a milestone mark of one hundred subscribers on my YouTube channel. Yay! I’ve been really pleased with the response to my videos, which have been primarily FL Studio tutorials. Especially considering I hadn’t planned to do video at all when I started this blog. My first video was posted on the 6th of May 2015, about four months ago (It’s awful, hence no hyperlink). Feedback was good, however,  so I carried on. I upgraded my screen capture software and have gradually improved my microphone setup so that I’m now quite happy with the quality of videos I can produce. Since I started I’ve uploaded sixteen videos and had over 7.5k views.

YouTube stats
Look at this graaaaaaph!

I know these are small numbers in the YouTube universe but to me they’re way better than I’d expected. I only hope that I can keep it up and carry on growing my audience. And to commemorate hitting the 100 subscriber mark I’ve started a new series of videos called ‘FL Studio Quick Tips’ which will be short and to-the-point, and hopefully become valuable little nuggets of knowledge for those using or thinking of using FL Studio.

So if you’re already a subscriber, THANK YOU. I hope I continue to deliver the content you are looking for. And if I’m not, tell me! I’m always open to suggestions.

In other news…

Aside from feeling chuffed about my YouTube channel I’ve also been working on some new music of my own that will be finished soon, hopefully. One new HUMJUNKIE track that involves some fun genre-hopping, one random hip-hop track that I hope to collaborate with a very talented friend on, and also a potential commission for a first aid training video, which should be very interesting. I’m planning to do something with more real instruments than I’ve been using for a while, so will be dusting off the guitars and jamming out some ideas for that.

I’ve also been having a look at this interesting article and thinking about my home studio set-up. I’ve recently re-organised the back of my room with the addition of a ‘hacked’ Ikea shelf to keep my gorgeous but bulky Vox AC30C2 amplifier and flight-case stored beneath whilst creating space for my printer and other boxes of bits. This has opened up some more space for me and the room is looking really neat now. Next up will be some proper acoustic treatment, which I’ll definitely be writing about when I get around to it.

Finally, I’ve been reaching out and speaking to other people I know who are involved in DIY music in a variety of ways, a local recording/rehearsal studio, a self employed session musician and a chap who’s building a rehearsal space in his back garden, to mention just three. The idea being to write about their projects on this site so you can read about people other than myself for a change!

I think that’s enough for now. Thanks again for reading. Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below, the DIY Music Facebook page or the DIY Music group. Or feel free to get in touch privately if you want to chat about anything at all.

Until next time. Goodbye!


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