DIY Music Blog #15 – Home Studio Challenge?

Hey there guys and gals. Thanks for swinging by my little DIY Music website and checking out this latest blog post. As usual I’ve had plenty of stuff going on to talk about but this time I’ve got one major new thing. In my last blog post I talked about facing my fears and forcing myself to do some singing and songwriting, as vocals seem to be the biggest thing holding me back these days. Well I took the bull by the horns and got on with it… so let me tell you about that. 

My Home Studio Challenge

I like a good challenge. Especially when it leads to improvement in some area or another. In this case I really felt the need to improve my singing and songwriting so I was thinking of some kind of challenge to achieve that. In the end I decided to separate these two things and focus on the singing side first. After all, once my singing was up to scratch that will definitely help with the songwriting.

So I have set about recording a series of covers of some of my favourite artists. I’m choosing tracks that are not impossible for an amateur like me to sing but are going to push me a fair amount. I have experience singing (I was in the school choir for four years) and have quite a good range, I just lack confidence and technique.

The first song I’ve chosen to cover is Pathetic Anthem by Mugison. I know this song well already and often play and sing it on my acoustic at home so it seemed a good place to start. The vocal part covers a decent range and there’s plenty of harmonies too. Here’s my crack at it:


As well as forcing me to do some singing this was also a good practise at recording and mixing. Guitars are all recorded DI and processed through S-Gear amps, except the bass which is going through Amplitube 3. I even used some time warping to tighten up the guitar, though whether that’s necessarily a good thing is open to debate (and probably enough of a subject for another blog post).

I’ve already nearly finished the second cover, which I’ll write about soon. And it has definitely started to help, as I’d hoped.

Your Home Studio Challenge

This whole thing got me thinking that maybe it would be good to have a community of home studio types all working on their own challenges and helping each other with advice and encouragement. So I’ve started up a Home Studio Challenge group on Facebook for anyone who’s interested to join up and discuss their personal challenges and how they’re progressing.

Is this something you might be interested in? A kind of ‘support group’ for DIY musicians trying to push themselves and improve some aspect of their art/craft?

If so, let me know in the comments or in any of the other places you can find me online such as the DIY Music facebook page or our DIY Music Group. If it looks like something enough people might be interested in I’ll get the ball rolling.

What do you think...?