DIY Music Blog #14 – Face Your Fears

Hello, you! Thanks for clicking whatever you clicked to bring you to the fourteenth DIY Music Blog post. I really do appreciate you being here and I genuinely hope that you find the stuff I’m writing about interesting or valuable in some way…

Today I’m going to write about something that I’m afraid of, for some reason, and how I’m going to attempt to overcome that fear. Maybe you can relate and maybe this post will help you overcome something too.   


What am I Afraid of?

Well… I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m afraid of singing. And this is holding me back as a musician because I can write music, I can play my instruments, record them and mix them… I’ve got things sounding pretty good now. But I’m not finishing my songs. And every time it seems to be the same thing that’s left to do; the vocals.

And this never gets done because, A: I’m never happy with my singing and B: I’m never happy with my lyrics. That said, I can listen back to stuff I wrote and recorded ages ago and think it’s pretty good. So I believe it’s one of those in-the-moment, perfectionist things which I need to get over somehow.

To do this I’ve decided to challenge myself again. In a similar vein to my Adjective Animal Project that ramped up my production skills a few years ago I now want to do something to force myself to write lyrics and record vocals to get over whatever it is that’s holding me back. I’ve not decided on the details yet but I think this will involve a song-a-week kind of challenge. Nothing to complicated, just either guitars or keyboard and vocals. I may even throw in a few covers. I can always develop them into full tracks later but for now I just want to push past whatever’s holding me back.

Do you have some aspect of the writing/performing/recording/producing process that you shy away from? If so, do you have a way of getting over that? Maybe you’d like to join me in this new challenge so we can face our fears together!

Let me know in the comments.

Also, In My World

Apart from thinking about singing I’ve also been getting on with plenty of other stuff since I last blogged. On the website I  wrote an article comparing the Yamaha HS and KRK Rokit studio monitors. I chose to do this particular comparison because I always see these two monitors being asked about in groups and forums online, mainly because they’re probably the two most well known quality monitors within their price range. The article itself was very popular and is now in the top five most viewed pages on the site. The response was much greater than I expected and some very heated discussions took place, all of which I paid attention to and used to fine tune the article. This was a great experience as a writer and will definitely help with future articles.

A few days ago, on the 22nd of March (also my birthday) I published the latest Humjunkie track to Soundcloud. This time it’s a bit of a Drum n Bass flavoured tune. The stats in my DAW say I spent just over 14 hours producing it and 7 hours mixing and mastering. I’m very pleased with it and I still feel I’m improving with every track I finish so will be getting on with the next one very soon. Here it is if you fancy a listen:


On a different tack, I’ve been getting back into playing the guitar and using amp sims such as Amplitube and S-Gear to get some great sounds entirely in the box. I’ve chosen to dedicate some time to creating a few templates and presets that I can quickly load up for different styles to use in future songs. I’ve been finding the posts and vids by Brandon from The Noise Floor AV very useful for these things and have been inspired to put together an article on what I’ve learned about DI (direct input) guitar recording and processing some time soon, so look out for that.

In Other News

Here’s a little roundup of the cool things that I’ve been made aware of in the general DIY Music world recently.

A new podcast called The Mastering Show has begun with the well known mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, and Steve Cherubino who’s EDM Producer Podcast I’ve been listening to for a while now and always gain some valuable insight from. So this new one promises to be very valuable and will be on my gym listening list (next time I make it to the gym).

I’m going to plug The Noise Floor AV again as I’m finding every new article or video they post very interesting. The focus is more on rock/metal production but there’s plenty of info there that’s relevant to recording and mixing in general so do check them out.

If you want to add an(other) amp sim to your arsenal without spending too much the BX Megasingle from Brainworx is currently massively reduced to just $19. This is an Easter offer so hopefully you’re reading this post before it expires…

Thanks for Reading

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