DIY Music Blog #11 – What are Your Big Plans for 2016?

So here we are in 2016. I’ve had a little break for Christmas and New Year (from work and the website, but not from music). Now I’m thinking about all the things I want to get done in the year ahead. What about you?

2016 goals.jpg

New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t generally make new years resolutions. Things like, “Go to the gym.”, “Eat healthily.”, “Don’t judge my office colleagues’ taste in music so harshly…” and so on are sensible decisions you should make as soon as possible, in my opinion, not wait until the new calendar starts.

I do like to set goals and make to-do lists though. Actually, I really like making lists, not sure why. At least it complements my obsessive notebook collecting quite well. Anyway. As it is a new year I thought I’d join many others and look at what I hope to achieve over the next twelve months.

Growing and Adapting DIY Music

I started DIY Music in May last year and it has grown in a few different directions, partly based on what I’ve been doing musically myself and partly based on what I can gather you are interested in. I’m quite pleased with how it has developed and will continue in roughly the same way, with a few specific aims.

In 2016 I will:

  • Write more gear review articles and update existing ones
  • Start a new series of production and mixing videos on the YouTube channel (not specific to any DAW)
  • Start a new series of interview style articles focusing on other DIY Musicians, home studio fanatics and bedroom producers
  • Expand the DIY Music community via the Facebook group and mailing list
  • Reassess the look and layout of the website to be a bit sexier and easier to navigate

I think that’s a good list to get started. But that’s less than the half of it…

More Music. Better Music.

This whole DIY Music thing came about because I am a home-studio/bedroom-producer kinda guy. And I do create a lot of my own music as well as help others with their projects. On that side of things I also have some targets I’d really like to hit.

In 2016 I will:

  • Learn how and when to use the hardware and software I have to the best of my abilities (Before buying any more)
  • Release at least one Humjunkie EP on Bandcamp
  • Write and record at least three complete Frank Insomnia songs (with vocals!)
  • Start doing some proper marketing for both projects and get at least 200 likes on each FB page

In all honesty, I create music for the love of it rather than to attain any fame and fortune, but it would be encouraging to have some recognition. Everyone likes to have fans.

Onwards and Upwards

Apart from these fairly specific goals I hope that DIY Music will continue to grow at the same rate it has since I began, back in April 2015, and become a respectable site and a valuable source of information and inspiration for many other DIY Musos like myself.

So that’s me… what about you? Do you have any similar targets for 2016?

Let me know your goals in the comments below and let’s try to help each other smash them.

Here’s to a happy, creative and productive New Year!



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