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Five Great Dynamic Compression Tutorials

Dynamic compression is one of those concepts in audio that can be difficult to get your head around. I know it took me a long time to fully understand it. This is partially because of the many different types of compressors available, partially because of the terms used like ratio, threshold and make-up gain, and partially because it’s just a bit of a weird idea… making stuff quieter, to make it louder…? How does that work?

Well. Hopefully after watching these five informative videos on compression you’ll know exactly how compression works.

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FL Studio – Creating and Using Send FX Channels [VIDEO]

Send FX Channels are channels which contain effects plugins which you can route other audio to. They are very useful for a number of reasons; they allow you to save CPU by only using one instance of a plugin for multiple signals, they allow you to process the effects separately to the original signal and they open up options for routing which can be used for creative effect. This tutorial shows you how to set up some send FX channels in FL Studio.
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Diary of a New Song – Part 1

I’m currently in Hungary staying with my wife’s side of the family for a short holiday. Naturally I brought the laptop with me so I could work on some music and keep updating the site. 🙂

Anyway… I’ve started a new tune and thought maybe it would be interesting for you to see an example of the type of creative process I go through. And so begins the ‘Diary of a New Song’. I hope you find it interesting and helpful in some way.  Continue reading