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DIY Music Blog #6 – Home Studio Gear on a Budget and More

Hello to you, DIY Musos!

How are you? Good?


Well here’s a new blog post from me where I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve been up to recently, including writing new articles about building up a decent home studio on a budget, more on my adventures in acoustic treatment, a new track released and some other bits and bobs. Read on, if you care to. 🙂 Continue reading

Home Studio Gear on a Budget

If you are anything like me, and many other DIY musos around the world, then you probably don’t have thousands of pounds (or dollars/euro/rand/rupees/etc) to spend on gear and software for your home setup. It’s still currently just an (all consuming) hobby after all, so there’s no return on investment, no tax relief, no sponsorship… And audio stuff is expensive!

So how are we supposed to get hold of all the studio gear we need to create the wonderful music that we want to, without having to sell our less important possessions like clothes, cars and houses? I have a few suggestions that might help… Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #3 – Slate Digital, Mixing and Hip-Hop

Hello there DIY music people. How are you all? All well, I hope… Been busy?

I have.

Here’s a little catch up with what I’ve been doing DIY musically since the last post, including testing out the Slate Digital plug-ins, working on new mixing projects and guides as well as finding myself writing a new hip-hop style track. Let me tell you all about it… Continue reading

My 10 Most Significant Mixing Lessons

Every now and then you come across a bit of knowledge which makes a tremendous difference to the way you do certain things. Those little tricks or hacks which make life so much better and you wish you’d discovered sooner.

This definitely applies to mixing.

I’ve experienced a number of these important ‘mixing lessons’ since I started my home studio journey so I’ve decided to share some of the most valuable ones with you here to help you in your own journey towards better mixes.

UPDATE: Once you’ve read these, be sure to check out Ten More Significant Mixing lessons!

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FL Studio – Creating and Using Send FX Channels [VIDEO]

Send FX Channels are channels which contain effects plugins which you can route other audio to. They are very useful for a number of reasons; they allow you to save CPU by only using one instance of a plugin for multiple signals, they allow you to process the effects separately to the original signal and they open up options for routing which can be used for creative effect. This tutorial shows you how to set up some send FX channels in FL Studio.
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