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Managing Time for Music in a Busy Life

One of the most common reasons that DIY musos like you and I just fail to get stuff finished, or even started, is an apparent lack of available time. Since the wife and I decided to have a baby this lack of time has become something I’ve needed to really think about. I’ve found a few methods that have really helped ensure I get stuff done. I’ve avoided the classic “five things…” title just to be different, but here is a list of five things…  Continue reading

Facebook Groups for DIY Musos

Let’s face it, everyone’s on Facebook these days, even my mum. I have to admit I’m a regular user myself. One of my favourite things about Facebook is the variety of  communities you can find in the form of Facebook groups. In some cases I’ve created my own which have grown into great places to hang out, share stuff and discuss DIY Music related things. You may even have found my site via one of these groups.

For this article I’ve decided to share with you the main DIY Music groups as well as some of my favourites on Facebook for DIY musos like us.

Continue reading

Tips on How to Make Drum ‘n’ Bass Drums

As you may or may not know, as well as writing for this site I also produce electronic music under the name HUMJUNKIE. I haven’t yet found myself slotted into any one genre and tend to draw on my influences from many different styles of music. One big influence, however, is Drum ‘n’ Bass. Especially the drum part.

In order to improve my game in programming and mixing drums for my own tracks I have been doing some research online to find out what advice is out there. My digging revealed a number of very interesting articles, which I’ll link to at the end of this. Here are the big tips I pulled out and will be sure to apply to my ongoing work. Continue reading

The Cheapest Basic Home Studio Setup

Are you totally new to the recording game? Do you really just want to get started with the minimum spend possible? Well there are options for you.

Yes, it’s great to have high end equipment that costs thousands but we all have to start somewhere. There is plenty very good, affordable gear out there to get you putting out music right away. Read on to find out exactly what you need to get going. Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #15 – Home Studio Challenge?

Hey there guys and gals. Thanks for swinging by my little DIY Music website and checking out this latest blog post. As usual I’ve had plenty of stuff going on to talk about but this time I’ve got one major new thing. In my last blog post I talked about facing my fears and forcing myself to do some singing and songwriting, as vocals seem to be the biggest thing holding me back these days. Well I took the bull by the horns and got on with it… so let me tell you about that.  Continue reading

Yamaha HS vs. KRK Rokit

Here’s a question you will see a lot in forums and groups online. Which are the best studio monitors for my home studio or production setup, Yammies or Rokits?

The reason I think we see this a lot is because both are high quality and reasonably priced studio monitors, and ideal for someone with a small to medium budget who wants to get the best for their money.  There are lots of other makes and models of studio monitor, of course, but for the purposes of this article we’ll just focus on these two brands. So, which ones are better? Let’s look at the details and decide…  Continue reading

DIY Music Blog #13 – DISASTER! And how to be prepared for it…

A new blog post so soon?! Well, yes… and there’s a reason for this.

I’ve suffered from a pretty major setback in the DIY Music home studio recently and haven’t been able to get a lot of stuff done that I’d hoped to. However, I’m going to find the silver lining around this and also share some valuable lessons I’ve learned so that you can be prepared for any similar fate that may befall you. Continue reading